About Us

“You can have whatever colour you like, as long as its black” is what Henry Ford is reported to have said about his model T car. We’ve come a long way since then.

Personalisation is everywhere and the advance of internet, digital printing technology and special inks means that more complex, high quality and personalised printing can now be achieved cost effectively and quickly – on items that don’t even have to be flat - in individual print runs.

ItsMyne has been set up to satisfy the developing desire from its customers for a whole range of beautiful personalised products – not just phone cases - using this exciting new printing method.

Our starting point was smokers, who we feel are a neglected community – but we’ve quickly expanded the range to include a whole range of lifestyle products.

You may detect a definite car theme – hardly surprising when all the founders have a deep love of cars and everything motorsport!

The founders of ItsMyne are all experienced and successful business professionals from the marketing services industry, who all feel passion for great design and quality production and bring these values to you via this website.

We don’t need to be the biggest in the World, but we do want to be the favourite – so service is key to us too.

We hope you enjoy these products, but please check back regularly as we’ll be developing the range of products.